Padfield Primary School

Padfield Primary School Log Book records a lot of illness. This school was originally opened as a school for millworkers children. (Extracts only - contributed by Mike Spencer)


23 May 152 Children in morning a further 26 admitted in the afternoon.

21 Jun Holiday in commemoration of Her Majesty Queen Victoria`s Jubilee

4 Jul A mother brought her daughter, Ada CLAYTON who has been absent

almost four weeks and says she ought to have been at school.

13 Jul We receive our American Organ kindly provided by Messrs RHODES

19 Sep Poor attendance in afternoon, Glossop wakes

5 Dec  Gertrude FIELDING away, rheumatic fever


 7 Feb William WILDE has only attended 86 times out of 320.

Around this time it was Exam time, and mothers were visited to see if their children would be at school for the Exams.  Other children who did attend were scrutinised to see if they were capable of sitting the Exams.

22 Feb Withhold Jane TURNER aged 7 from Exam as it is the wish of her parents that she is not pressed forward too quickly on account of delicate health. Previous to this school being opened she had only attended school for two weeks in her life.

12 Mar Saw Mary Hannah HAWORTH`s mother and her girl  is still away, abscess on the glands of her neck.

14 Mar Withheld or didn't sit Exams

Godfrey TURNER Incapacity and absence through sore head.

Alice WARHURST absent through sickness

Jane Alice WYATT Abscess on face, unable to attend in winter.

George  STAFFORD Mental dullness

Joe BAMFORD  Mental dullness

Annie DOCKERILL absent two months,sickness at home

Mary H HOWARTH Abscess on neck

Gertrude FIELDING Rheumatic fever

Wm WILDE Absenteeism and sickness

Emma PLATT mental dullness

25 Jun Sarah Jane HUTCHINSON`s mother came to school bringing a medical certificate to say her girl is not fit to attend school. It appears that this girl is delicate and the doctor has warned her mother to be careful or she may turn consumptive

17 Jul Kate TURNER`s mother says that Kate is suffering from bad eyes

       William HOWARTH away, ,inflammation of the lungs

19 Jul Mary Ann KAYE has weak eyes.