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My thanks to Jennie Hudson for the census entries & Mike Spencer for baptisms & burials.


24 May 1807 John BROWN son of John & Sarah of Edale (Hayfield, Dby)

7 Jul 1816 Lewis PLATT son of Elias & Elizth of Edale born 19 Jan 1816 (Bradwell Wesleyan Meth., Dby)

17 Mar 1825 Mary RIDALL dau of James & Ruth, Labourer of Edale, Castleton p. born 10 Feb 1825 (Bradwell Wesleyan Meth., Dby)

4 Feb 1827 Ann RIDALL dau of James & Ruth, Labourer of Edale, Castleton p. born -- Jan 1827 (Bradwell Wesleyan Meth., Dby)

1 Feb 1829 Elizabeth RIDALL dau of James & Ruth, Labourer of Edale, Castleton p. born 5 Jan 1829 (Bradwell Wesleyan Meth., Dby)

11 Dec 1831 Ruth Marshall RIDALL dau of James & Ruth, Farmer of Edale, Castleton p. 21 Oct 1831 (Bradwell Wesleyan Meth., Dby)

3 Nov 1833 Isabella RIDALL dau of James & Ruth nee MARSHALL Farmer of Edale, Castleton p. born 5 Oct 1833 - 5th dau see note 4 (Bradwell Wesleyan Meth., Dby)

 14 Jul 1839 Hannah MARSHALL of Isaac & Ruth of Edale, joiner (Derwent, Dby)

25 Jan 1846 Joseph BRIDGE son of Thomas & Elizabeth of Edale, farmer (Derwent, Dby)


9 Nov 1627 Ottewell KYRKE of Edall buried in the Church (Chapel, Dby) 

15 Feb 1784 Mrs Susan FOX of Edeal aged 49 (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)

17 Jan 1787 William FOX son of William and Susannah of Edeal aged 19 years (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)

21 Aug 1791 Josiah FOX from Edale, Castleton parish (Chapel, Dby)

27 Mar 1796 Hannah ORME of Edale (Taxal, Chs)

24 May 1813 ORME Joseph of Edale, Dby - aged 74 (Taxal, Chs)

17 Mar 1816 James HARRISON of Edale aged 63 (Matlock, Dby)

8 Aug  1816 Mary BATTEY (or Batley) of Edale aged 67) Castleton, Dby)

25 Oct 1818 Mary FROGGOTT of Edale aged 11 (Chapel, Dby)

31 Jul 1825 James BRIGHTMORE of Barber Booth, Edale aged 24 (Hathersage, Dby)

3 Jan 1841 Samuel ASHTON of Edale inf (Castleton, Dby)

5 Oct 1843 Ann HADFIELD of Edale aged 39 (Castleton, Dby)

20 Jan 1865 Sarah Ann Pichott MASON of Edale aged 4 (Hartington, Dby)

24 Dec 1879 William Fidler MASON of Edale aged 58 (Hartington, Dby)


Edale is in Castleton parish. so it might be useful to look there as well. 

21 Nov 1721 John CARRINGTON & Elizabeth CRESSWELL of Edale by Licence (Hayfield, Dby)

21 Aug 1726 Edale, Castleton p. Thomas EYRE yeoman & Sarah MELLOR of Macclesfield Park licence, from Macclesfield   (Prestbury, Chs)

25 Nov 1851 George Henry SPURRIER aged 30, clerk of Edale, Castleton p. son of Thomas, gentleman & Sarah ROBINSON aged 37 of Taxal dau of John, gentleman (Taxal, Chs)

1851 Census for Warwickshire

Census Place: Birmingham Birmingham, Warwickshire Address: Cregoe St, Birmingham

John PURSEGLORE (Purseglove?) Head Mar aged 75 Accountant born Edale, Dby

Mary PURSEGLORE Wife Mar aged 60 born Birmingham----


1881 Census

Surname of stray:

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Census Place: Tottenham, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 6 Western Terrace Clyde Road

Mary Ann LACY Head Unm aged 72 born Plymouth, Devon Occ: Retired Laundress

Hannah BERRY Lodger Wid aged 75 born Edale, Derby Occ: Retired Domestic Serv


Census Place: Crosthwaite & Lyth, Westmorland, England Dwelling: Hubbersly Head (Hill Top)

John BURROW Head Mar aged 59 born Crosthwaite, Westmorland Occ: Yeoman & Land Agent (H O)

Mary BURROW Wife Mar aged 55 born Edale, Derby

James D. BURROW Son Unm aged 24 born Crosthwaite, Westmorland


Census Place: Little Walsingham, Norfolk, England Dwelling: High Street Priory Hse West Side

Daniel EYRE Head Mar aged 35 born Edale, Derby Occ: Wesleyan Minister

Margaret EYRE Wife Mar aged 31 born Foleshill, Warwick

Daniel A. EYRE Son aged 3 born Bovey Tracy, Devon

Sidney M. EYRE Son aged 1 Little Walsingham, Norfolk


Census Place: Bassingham, Lincoln, England

John GALL Head Mar aged 57 born Edale, Derby Occ: Carrier Dom

Eliza GALL Wife Mar aged 57 born Barnby, Nottingham

Eliza GALL Daur aged 15 born Bassingham Occ: General Serv


Census Place: St Peter-at-Gowts, Lincoln, Lincoln, England Dwelling: 41 King Street

Thomas HARVEY Head Mar aged 49 born Thorpe On The Hill, Lincoln Occ: Labourer

Frank ROBINSON Lodger Mar aged 28 born Retford, Nottingham Occ: Labourer

Mary A. ROBINSON Lodger Mar aged 25 born Edale, Derby


Census Place: Croydon, Surrey, England Dwelling: 8 St Aubyns Road

Ann ROBINSON Head Unm aged 63 born Cheshire

Mary ROBINSON Sister Unm aged 56 born Cheshire

Jennie SPURRIER Niece Unm aged 27 born Edale, Derby

Census Place: Lambeth, Surrey, England Dwelling: Woodland Road 4 Chestnut Villas

Thos. ELCOME Head Mar aged 47 born Wrotham, Kent Occ: Horticultural Painter

G. H. SPURRIER Lodger Unm aged 24 born Edale, Derby Occ: Commercial Clerk


Census Place: Clapham, Surrey, England Dwelling: 4 William St

Thomas SYMM OR LYMM Head Mar aged 32 born Edale, Derby Occ: Clerk Tea Merchants

Annie SYMM OR LYMM Wife Mar aged 33 born London City Of, London,

Ethel M. SYMM OR LYMM Daur aged 6 born Camberwell, Surrey Occ: Scholar

Amy SYMM OR LYMM Daur aged 5 born Camberwell, Surrey Occ: Scholar

Arthur D. SYMM OR LYMM Son aged 3 born Camberwell, Surrey

Herbert W. SYMM OR LYMM Son 6 months born Clapham, Surrey


Nicholas TYM Head Mar aged 41 born Edale, Derby Occ: Farmer (see Chapel strays for full family)