People born or resident in Hadfield but recorded elsewhere

Baptisms  My thanks to Mike Spencer for these baptisms


7 Feb Lois CHAMBERS dau of Charles & Ann of Hadfield (Tintwistle WM, Chs)

22 Aug Eliza Ann HENSHALL dau of Amos & Elizabeth of Bank Bottom, Hadfield (Tinwistle WM, Chs)

24 Oct Mary Ann LEAH dau of Joseph & Elizabeth of Bank Bottom, Hadfield (Tintwistle WM, Chs)


28 Dec Ann Elizabeth HENSHALL dau of Amos & Elizabeth of Hadfield  (Tintwistle WM, Chs)


6 Jul Emma HENSHALL dau of Amos & Elizabeth of Hadfield aged 6 wks (Tintwistle WM, Chs)


23 Jul William HAMPSON son of Henry & Mary of Hadfield aged 3m (Tintwistle WM, Chs)


4 Oct William PITTARD son of William & Mary of Hadfield (Tintwistle WM, Chs)


28 Jan Emma HAMPSON dau of Henry & Mary Hadfield (Tintwistle WM, Chs)

29 Dec Martha Ann BROADBENT dau of George & Alice of Woolley Bridge, Hadfield (Tintwistle WM, Chs)


6 Apr James Abraham HOWARD son of Daniel & Elizabeth of Waterside, Hadfield (Tintwistle WM, Chs)


16 Aug Tom BROADBENT son of George & Alice of Woolley Bridge, Hadfield (Tintwistle WM, Chs)

Burials Many people from Hadfield would be buried at Glossop.  I have not entered them here as strays.


1 Dec Geo HADFIELD of Hadfield, Glossop p aged 7 wks (Edale, Dby)


16 Dec Ellen HATFIELD of Hatfield, nr Glossop aged 2 (Edale, Dby)

21 Dec Moses Rowbotham HATFIELD  of Hatfield nr Glossop aged 7m (Edale, Dby)


19 Jun Jesse COOPER son of Joseph & Mary of Hadfield, Glossopdale aged 10 weeks (Mellor, Dby)


10 May  Betty HATFIELD of Hatfield, Glossop p. aged 1 (Edale, Dby)


18 Nov Ann LYNE of Hadfield, Glossop aged 17y (Hayfield, Dby)




14 Apr 1723 William DERNILY of Glossop Hadfield, husbandman & Alice SYDEBOTHAM of Werneth (Stockport St Mary`s, Chs.)

1851   1881     1891

1851 Census

Ann BEDWALL Wife Marr aged 42 born Hadfield, DBY

Elizabeth NELSON Stepdau Unmarr aged 21 Dressmaker born Hadfield, DBY

(see Glossop strays for full family)

1881 Census

My thanks to Jennie Hudson for these entries

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Census Place: Newington, Surrey, England Dwelling: 81Faraday St

Edd. BLAKELEY Head Mar aged 41 born Hadfield, Derby Occ: Clerk (Drapery)

Emma BLAKELEY Wife Mar aged 31 born Oldham, Lancashire

Helena BLAKELEY Daur aged 6 born Lambeth, Surrey Occ: Scholar

Lilian BLAKELEY Daur aged 4 born Lambeth, Surrey Occ: Scholar

Ernest H. BLAKELEY Son aged 2 born Lambeth, Surrey

Alice M. BLAKELEY Daur aged 1 month born Lambeth, Surrey


Census Place: Caldewgate, Cumberland, England Dwelling: 10 Cooperative Court

Richd. GARSIDE Boarder 30 Clogger born Hadfield, Derby


Census Place: Hackney, London, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 1 Shacklewell Row

Thomas GOODWORTH Head Mar aged 54 born Hadfield, Derby, Eng Occ: Tailor

Sarah GOODWORTH Wife Mar aged 50 born Bedworth, Warwick Occ: G Dealer


Census Place: Newcastle On Tyne St Andrew, Northumberland, England Dwelling: 3 Picton Place

John HARROP Head Mar aged 37 born Tintwistle, Cheshire Occ: Insurance Agent

Ellen HARROP Wife Mar aged 36 born Hadfield, Derby

Betsy HARROP Daur aged 13 born Coven Darwen, Lancashire

Lucy HARROP Daur aged 10 born Coven Darwen, Lancashire

Emma HARROP Daur aged 6 born Newcastle On Tyne

Tom HARROP Son aged 1 born Newcastle On Tyne


Census Place: Lambeth, Surrey, England Dwelling: 275 Mayall Rd

Henry HARWOOD Head Mar aged 29 born Hadfield, Derby Occ: Time Keeper (Managt 22.1)

Hephzibal HARWOOD Wife Mar aged 28 born Lewis Rodwell

Annie M. HARWOOD Daur aged 5 born Lambeth, Surrey

Earnest W. HARWOOD Son aged 2 born Lambeth, Surrey


Census Place: Heigham, Norfolk, England Dwelling: St Philips Rd

Edward R. HEMSTOCK Head Mar aged 26 born Selby, Lincoln Occ: Commercial Traveller Stationary

Sarah A. HEMSTOCK Wife Mar aged 25 born Hadfield, Derby

Mabel A. HEMSTOCK Daur aged 1born Norwich, Norfolk

Sarah A. HEMSTOCK Sister Unm aged 20 (B S), United States Occ: Drapers Asst


Dwelling: Stockport Road Quick View Census Place:Saddleworth, York, England

Source:FHL Film 1342041     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4362    Folio 16    Page 23

 Frederick HOLLINGWORTH Mar aged 55 born Hollingworth, Chs

Rel: Head Occ:Cotton Dresser

Ann HOLLINGWORTH Mar aged 53 born Hadfield, Dby

Rel:Wife Occ:Housewife

Eva HOLLINGWORTH Unm aged 19 born Hollingworth, Chs

Rel: Daur Occ: Cotton Weaver

Ezra HOLLINGWORTH aged 15 born Glossop, Dby

Rel: Son Occ: Clerk Calico Printworks


Census Place: Elswick, Northumberland, England Dwelling: 3 Wylam Rd

Alfred Thos. LISTER Head Unm aged 23 born Hadfield, Derby Occ: Clerk Iron Monger Unemployed

Harriet Annie LISTER Sister Unm aged 19 born Derby Occ: Housekeeper

Arthur E. LISTER Brother aged 12 born Newcastle On Tyne St Andrews


Census Place: Battersea, Surrey, England Dwelling: 20 Latchmere Rd

Saml. T. REDSHAW Head Mar aged 31 born Hadfield, Derby Occ: Saddle & Harnessmaker

Mary L. REDSHAW Wife Mar aged 21 born Westminster

Grace C. REDSHAW Daur aged 1 born Westminster

Mary A. EATON Mother Mar aged 57 born Newington Occ:Tailoress


Census Place: Wootton Wawen Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire Address: &ldots;., Stratford On Avon

Peter C. S. B. HEWETT Head Unm aged 39 Roman Catholic Priest born Marston Nr Grantham-LIN

Martha TOWNSEND Serv Unm aged 32 House Servant born CAM

Ann ANDERSON Serv Unm aged 23 House Servant born Alcester-WAR

John THORNLEY Psnr Unm aged 31 Scholar (Annuit) born Hadfield, DBY


 Census Place: Royal Navy, At sea or in a foreign port. Vessel: "Helicon"

William WILDE Unm aged 21 born Hadfield, Derby Occ: Private R M L I


Census Place: Great Grimsby, Lincoln, England Dwelling: 97 Orwell St

Jacob WISEMAN Head Mar aged 39 born Dagmean, Essex Occ:Fisherman

James NORMANTON Unm aged 20 born Hadfield, Derby Rel: Lodger Occ:Fisherman


Census Place: Lambeth, Surrey, England Dwelling: 79 Lowden Rd

Watson WOOD Head Mar aged 60 born Hadfield, Derby Occ: Old Rail Permanant Way Inspector

Sarah WOOD Wife Mar aged 53 born Doncaster, York


 1891 census

My thanks to Kathleen Horner for this entry

Bellerby, North Yorkshire

Address The Rowantrees or Rowntrees

Nellie BOWLER aged 6, scholar, born Hadfield, Derbyshire

for rest of family see Glossop strays