Fernilee Methodist Church

In Loving Memory of JAMES HULME the beloved husband of SARAH ANN HULME, of Botany House, Horwich End, Who died June 24th, 1937, Aged 78 years. And was interred at Fernilee Methodist Chapel, June 26th, 1937

In affectionate Remembrance of MAY (The beloved daughter of JAMES and SARAH ANN HULME, of Horwich End Whaley Bridge), who Departed this Life December 28th, 1887 Aged 1 Year and 8 Months, And was interred at Fernilee Chapel, December 31st.

 In Affectionate Rememberance of SARAH ANN, The beloved widow of the late JAMES HULME, of Buxton Road, Horwich End, Whaley Bridge, Who departed this life March 7th, 1947, In her 84th year, And was interred at Fernilee Wesleyan Cemetery, March 11th.

In Loving Memory of FRANCES HULME, the dearly loved Wife of WILLIAM H. HULME of 20 Onslow Road, Edgeley Who departed this life 30th July 1930 Aged 40 years And was interred at the       Wesleyan Church, Fernilee August 2nd 1930


In Affectionate Rememberance Of EDITH the beloved wife of HARRY JODRELL of Buxton Road, Whaley Bridge Who departed this life September 9th, 1957, Aged 63 years, And was Interred at FERNILEE Methodist Cemetery, September 11th, 1957.

 "Fond Memories Day by day I sought the Lord, And waited patiently, Until He bent down from His throne, And harkened to my cry! Christ was my Saviour"


 In Loving Memory of GEORGE JOULE The dearly beloved husband of JANE ELLEN JOULE, of Botany House, Horwich End, Who died August 28th, 1938, Aged 61 years, And was interred at the Fernilee Burial Ground, August 31st, 1938.