Chinley Independent Chapel

`Chinley Chapel stands in a unique position, serving three hamlets - Chapel Milton, the Wash and New Smithy. There is something very beautiful about this old Sanctuary. It is plain in structure, but venerable and picturesquely emblematical in its simplicity of the faith of its founders. ....Chinley Chapel is unique because it is built on land which was extra parochial liberty and does not come under the jurisdiction of the diocesan Bishop.` from William Simpson`s `The History of Chinley Chapel, Chinley (Independent) Founded 1662`

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Communicants at Chinley Chapel in 1728

A List of the persons belonging to the congregation at Chinley Chapel with their quarterly subscriptions


Some baptisms for the following families were entered at the front of the register for the period 1680 - 1755  Bennett; Bowden; Bradbury; Bradley; Champion; Clegg; Cresswell; Harrison; Holland; Kirk/Kyrke; Moult and Waterhouse   

1727 - 1840 is a complete transcript - thanks to Rowena Clarke. 

1840 - 1903 for specific names only

1703 - 1837 is a complete transcript

1838 - 1908 for specific names only 

My thanks to Jennie Hudson for these entries which are of children who died young

1857- 1918 for specific names only

HADFIELD only - my thanks to Marion Wilkinson for these

The Baptism/Burial page is in alphabetical order but does not include all the entries on the separate Baptism and Burial pages.

`The land on which the Chappel was built was purchased of John HADFIELD of Chappel Milton for the sum of ten pounds in the names of William BAGSHAWE of Chinley house and Robert MIDDLETON of Chappel le ffrith in the year of our Lord 1711

Subscribers towards purchase of house and Land for Chappel at Chappel Milton included 

Mrs HADFIELD widow of Mr HADFIELD mercer  29 June 1771

List of persons belonging to the congregation at Chinley Chappel whose subscriptions quarterly are as followeth 25 May 1774  (includes) Joseph HADFIELD  1/6

Subscriber who have left of[f] paying  Mrs HADFIELD  widow`

Contributors to building  included in 1711: Joseph HADFIELD of Edale 1/-; Charles HADFIELD of Courses   5/-

Communicants 1728 included: 

Joseph HADFIELD of Edale  and Ann HADFIELD his wife

Joseph HADFIELD of Tideswell  and Lydia HADFIELD his wife

Ann wife of Joseph HADFIELD of Chinley Head