1824-5 Pigot and Co`s Commercial Directory for Manchester & Salford


My thanks to Jon Cantrill for this information

Post Office - John PICKFORD, Post Master, Market-place

Magistrates for the High Peak Hundred

ARKWRIGHT Robert, Esq.

FRITH Samuel, Esq

MIDDLETON Marmaduke, Esq

NEWTON George, Esq



THORNHILL Henry Bache, Esq

WHITE John, Esq

CHEEKE W.H. attorney & clerk to the magistrates

(The court is held at the King's Arms Inn)

ARNFIELD John, vict. and sheriff's officer, Bull's Head Inn

ATKIN Saml. calico, handkerchief, &c. manuf

ATKIN Saml. jun. grocer & flour-dealer

BAGSHAW Henry, draper, tailor, & flour-dealer

BAGSHAW Mrs. academy for ladies

BAGSHAW Robt. grocer & tea & flour-dealer

BAGSHAW Thomas, commerical academy and flax-dealer

BAGSHAW Thos. shoemaker

BARRATT Samuel, currier & leather-cutter

BARRATT Wm. shoemaker, Tunstead Milton

BENNETT John, M.D. Stoddard-lodge

BENNETT Peter, tailor

BENNETTWm. attorney

BOOTH Peter, surgeon, &c. Market-place

BRADDOCK James Carrington, wrought-iron founder, Hall Heys-forge

BRADDOCK John, ironmonger & school-master

BRAMWELL Geo. draper, rocer, & flour-dealer, Market-place

BRAMWELL Peter, slater

BRIGHTMORE Jas. chemist, druggist, & grocer

BUXTON Elizabeth, milliner, &c

CARRINGTON Jas. vict. Dog

CHAPPELL Geo. worsted manuf. & hosier, Market-place

CLAREBROOK John, corn-miller, Shawcross-mill  

COOPER James, carrier

CRESSWELL Isaac, vict. Burfield-house

CROOK Wm. silk, cotton, & wollen-dyer

CROSSLAND Wm. shopkeeper

DAKIN Jos. vict. Old Pack Horse

DICKINS Elisha, cotton-spinner & manufacturer, Bridge Holme-green &  Milton House

DOUGHTY Michael, blacksmith

DRINKWATER Martha, vict. Cross Keys, Chapel Milton

FEARNS Matthew, flour, &c. dealer

FERGUSON Robert, linen and woollen-draper, grocer, & dealer in  tea, malt, & hops, Market-place

FERN John, cooper

FRITH Joseph & Sons, stone-masons

FRITH Saml. Esq. magistrate, Bank-hall

FORD Robt. butcher

FORD Thos. boot & shoemaker

FORSHAW Rev. Charles, academy for young gentlemen, Taxal-house

GASKELL Jas. cotton-spinner, Waterside

GASKELL John. vict. King's Arms, Commercial Inn & Posting-house

GEE Henry, boot & shoemaker, Market-place

GLOSSOP Rev. Eben. minister of Chinley-chapel

GLOVER Wm. shoemaker, Market-place  

GODDARD John, grocer & flour-dealer

GODDARD Micah, vict. and butcher, Shoulder of Mutton

GOODMAN thos. Esq. Eccles-house, near Chapel-en-le-Frith

GREEN Wm. surgeon

GREEN Saml. blacksmith

GREGORY Joseph, joiner, &c

GRUNDY Rev. Saml. vicar of Chapel-en-le-Frith, Pasonage

HADFIELD Robt. hair-dresser & dealer in earthenware

HADFIELD Sarah, vict. Nelson's Arms, Tunstead Milton

HADFIELD Thos. watch & clock-maker

HALL John, hat manuf. & dealer

HALL John, saddler

HALLAM George, cooper, Market-place

HARRISON Ralph, grocer and flour-dealer, New Smithy

HARTLE Thos. vict. Horse & Jockey, Barrmoor-clough

HASLAM Rich. straw hat-maker & dealer, Market-place

HIBBERSON Jas. carrier by land & water to all parts of the kingdom, Stoddard-house

HIGGINBOTTOM Hy. shoemaker, Tunstead Milton

HILL R. milliner & dress-maker

HOBSON Thos. ale-brewer, porter-dealer, tallow-chandler, & tailor

HOLDGATE Robt. parish-clerk

HOLDGATE Thos. blacksmith

HOLME Wm. tailor, Back-lane

HYDE John, joiner & cabinet-maker

HYDE Solomon, butcher, Market-place

IBBERSON Saml. vict. Hat & Feather

IBBOTSON John, paper manuf. by patent machinery, White-Hall-mills

JACKSON Thos. road-contractor

JEFFERY Joseph, nail manufactuer

KIRK Henry, iro manuf. Chapel-forge

KIRK Wm. & George, smiths and farriers, New Smithys

KITCHEN Humphrey, blacksmith

KNOTT Nathaniel, straw-hat manuf. & dealer, Market-place

LINGARD Ann, vict. Pack Horse

LOMAS Henry, vict. Spread Eagle

LOMAS Jno. gardener & seedsman, Market-place

LOWE Jos. joiner & cabinet-maker

LOWE Peter, joiner &c

MELLOR Francis, boot & shoemaker

MELLOR Geo. shoemaker

MELLOR Geo. vict. Swan

MELLOR Wm. vict. Greyhound, Market-place

MERRILL Peter, currier & leather-cutter

MILNES John, joiner, &c

MORTON Wm. shopkeeper

NALL Joshua, grocer, flour-dealer, & saddler

NEEDHAM John, auctioneer & accountant

NEEDHAM Messdames, seminary for young ladies, Cromwell-house

NEWTON John, wheelwright

OLIVER Eliz. grocer & flour-dealer

PICKFORD John, post-master & sub-distributor of stamps

PIPE Jos. oil sheet & cart-cover manuf.  

POTT Thos. ironmonger, slater & plasterer

POTTER Sarah, vict. Letters, Tunstead Milton

RIGHTON Job, grocer, flour-dealer & butcher

RONKSLEY John, wharfinger, Peak Forest-canal

SANDERSON Eliz. draper & straw-hat maker

SHEPLEY Betty, grocer, &c.

SHEPLEY George, druggist, grocer, & painter, Market-place

SHIRT Mrs. Eliz. Market-place

SIMPSON Jos. vict. & stone-mason, Bradshaw-edge

SIMPSON Wm. vict. & grocer, Crown & Mitre, New-smithy

SMITH Chas. surgeon, Market-place

SMITH Thos. nail manuf.

STALEY Geo. vict. New Inn

THOMASSON John, tanner, Cadster, near Chapel-en-le-Frith

TIMMS Eliz. vict. Royal Oak Inn & Posting-house

WALKER Wm. vict. White Hart

WALTON Wm. vict. & carrier, Thorne

WATKINSON Benj. linen & woollen-draper

WILCOCK Joshua, rope & twine maker

WILLIAMSON John, wheelwright, Tunstead Milton


 Manchester & other parts of the kingdom, James HIBBERSON

Stockport, Stoney Middleton, &c. James COOPER (no fixed days)

Conveyance by water

To all parts of the kingdom, HIBBERSON

To all parts of the kingdom, JOHNSON