1870 Newspaper Extract

This was taken from a newspaper extract of 1870.  It relates the exploits of Joseph GURDY .

Tom OLDHAM was buried here, so was Robert LOMAS and Tom BROWNHILL, we were all with Wellington in the Peninsular War.  There was son from New Mills, Vall WILD and Wm BOWDEN.  Poor Edmund KELLETT was killed in Holland.  I wonder if any of the KELLETTS are left in Hayfield yet.  I knew Jesse and John  very well.  Jesse was very fond of snuff, he married Martha GARLICK.  John was a great reader and quoted from Paradise Lost.  Tom OLDHAM was in the Coldstream Guards, Lomas was an Artillery man and BROWNHILL was in the Dragoons.

Another entry in the same "scrap book" states

Mr Robert TOMMINS,brother of Mr Joseph TOMMINS, left Hayfield 1858. Now living at Salam, Ohio. with daaughter Mary who left Hayfield fifteen years later.

(Many thanks to Mike Spencer for this extract)